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*Price is per person, in USD, cruise only, applies to select sailings, interior stateroom, based on double-occupancy, and reflects any promotional savings.

Offer Terms. These terms and conditions detail the April 2023 Airfare Credit Promotion. Qualified bookings will get a flat monetary discount off their voyage fare. This discount is per cabin, not per Sailor. The intent is to at least partially offset one’s airfare. Qualified bookings will also receive a free “Bar Tab,” that is, a $600 or $300 bar credit, depending on the length of voyage. – Airfare Credit for Eligible Cabins listed in section 3.1.: ● USD $1,200 flat amount off Voyage Fare per cabin when two or more Sailors are traveling on voyages departing in the 2023 Mediterranean season as defined in paragraph 2. ● USD $500 flat amount off Voyage Fare for all other itinerary sailings sailing before 30 April 2024. ● Air credit will be a set conversion amount from US dollars to other designated currencies. The figures below are the conversion equivalents for USD $1200/$500 that will be used: ○ GBP: £1000/£500 ○ NZD: NZ$1900/NZ$800 ○ AUD: A$1800/A$750 ○ CAD: C$1650/C$690 ○ EURO: €1200/€500 ● Solo cabins (Solo Sea View, Solo Insider) are eligible for half the credit offer, i.e.: ○ USD: $250 ○ GBP: £250 ○ NZD: NZ$400 ○ AUD: A$375 ○ CAD: C$345 ○ EURO: €250 Note: 2023 Season Mediterranean itinerary solo Sailors: See 3.4 below. – Promotional Bar Tab: ● Any voyage lasting seven nights or more will receive $600 in a “Bar Tab,” that is, a bar credit, for the cabin. Any voyage lasting six nights or less will receive a $300 “Bar Tab” for the cabin. The Bar Tab will be added to the lead passenger’s (i.e., “Sailor” in our marketing voice) folio. All cabin categories are eligible for the promotional Bar Tab credit. 2. Eligible Bookings. Eligible bookings are those purchased for an eligible voyage date between 12:01 a.m. EST on 12 April 2023 through 11:59 p.m. EST on 24 May 2023. Eligible voyage dates are those voyages departing from 12 April 2023 to 30 April 2024 inclusive. Note that voyages in the Mediterranean 2023 season get an enhanced promotion. Those voyages dates are (inclusive): ● Resilient Lady: 14 May 2023 to 15 October 2023 ● Valiant Lady: 07 May 2023 to 22 October 2023 3. Restrictions/Exclusions. The April 2023 Airfare Credit Promotion is subject to the following restrictions and exclusions. 3.1. Eligible Cabins: Sea Terrace Meta Category cabins, The Sea View, Lock It In Rate Sea View, The Insider, Social Insider, and Lock It In Rate Insider cabins are eligible for the Airfare Credit Promotion. The Sea Terrace Meta Category cabins include the following: XL Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace, Ltd View Sea Terrace, and the Lock It In Rate Ltd View Sea Terrace. The discount under the April 2023 Airfare Credit Promotion does not apply to bookings in MegaRockstar Quarters. 3.2. Charter voyages are excluded from this April 2023 Airfare Credit Promotion. 3.3. Interaction with other with the following offers, discounts, or credits: – The April 2023 Airfare Credit Promotion is combinable with the following offers, promotions, discounts, or credits: ● Book Early, Save More Promotion ● Pay-In-Full Discount Offer ● My Next Virgin Voyages Promotion ● SeaBlazers ● Florida Resident Rate ● Discount and Payment FVCs ● Tour Operators ● Affinity Circles – The April 2023 Airfare Credit Promotion is not combinable with the following offers, promotions, discounts, or credits: ● Contracted Circle Programs ● Casino Rates ● Interline Rates ● First Mate Rates ● Internal reduced rate programs ● Giveaway, Promotional, Reduced Rate, or Free Access Keys ● Any other previous offers 3.4 Solo Sailors traveling on a voyage departing in the 2023 Mediterranean season as defined in paragraph 2 do not qualify for this promotion; they have a separate offer through another promotion, namely, our Solo Sailor promotion. Solo Sea View, Solo Insider cabins not on a 2023 Mediterranean itinerary are only eligible for half of the Air Credit as listed in section 1, and not the Solo Sailor promotion. 4. Should a Sailor change their voyage date to an ineligible voyage date, the Airfare Credit Promotional discount and promotional Bar Tab will be removed, and the discount will be voided and due.